Moonwater Design is Calendars, Cards and More... 

An irresistible invitation to unplug, step out, and look up.

There’s just no denying the fact that we’re all hardwired to respond to nature. Our body cycles are in sync with the moon’s; our blood ebbs and flows like the tides. Moonwater is all about celebrating when, where, and how the outside natural world influences our inner lives. Our products artfully invite you to take note of the often breathtaking events happening right outside your door. Our blog features intriguing facts, little known lore, and insightful musings. This site’s creator, Laura Urban Perry, is an ardent observer of natural cycles and a lifelong student of all things lunar. 

Our products include Moon & Meteor Shower calendars, MoonWater stemless wine glasses and Night Sky note cards.

We hope you have fun exploring Moonwater. And when you’re done, we sincerely hope you’re enticed to head outside and look up into the ever-changing sky for yourself.