About Us

Moonwater [design] is a store and blog born from a passion for the sea and the moon. Over the years I’ve designed calendars about the moon. 

For the moment, the “we” of Moonwater is me, Laura Urban Perry. I’m a designer, and have been for many years.  At my studio, Laura Urban Perry Design and also in partnership with another Laura in Flying Crow Creative, I help my clients develop successful branding strategies, effective web campaigns and clear, simple, memorable experiences for their customers.

I’m also an unabashed luna-tic and aquanut, and have been my whole life. I launched Moonwater in December 2012 as a means of sharing my passion for the moon and the sea, and helping others to take notice of the many ways in which nature’s cycles influence our daily lives. My sincere wish is that my products and blog provide you the incentive and inspiration to engage with our natural world – and to recognize how many ways it engages with you.