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Super Moon Lights Longest Night June 21 2013, 0 Comments

 This year spring and summer we have three Super Moons where the full moon coincides with the moon at Perigee. June's Full Moon is the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Why? It's when the moon is closest to the earth in the Northern Hemisphere and it's so close to the summer solstice. Following the summer solstice, the full moon lands on Sunday, June 23rd.

The 23 June 2013 Supermoon

On the 23rd, the moon rises at around 9:30pm just after the sun sets in the Pacific Northwest and it sets just after sunrise. We'll be able to enjoy such well lit nights this weekend, I hope you'll stay up late and play in the moonshine.

PS. Help Support PhotoCenter NW

I'll be participating in Long Shot event put on by the Photo Center NW. A full day starting at 6pm Friday the 21st to 6pm Saturday the 22nd to photograph your world and participate in an exhibition at the Photo Center in July all the while benefiting and supporting this incredible organization. If you'd like to support me or other photographers, make a donation. And come to the Photo Center in July to see the exhibit.