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Philately and the moon—an interactive solar eclipse experience May 22 2017, 0 Comments

I'm a designer. So I love when my interests in the moon and sky intersect with the world of design — this time in stamps. 

I love physical mail. Postcards from far off places; handwritten letters and cards; magazines of all types are presents of visual delight arriving at my doorstep. What could be better?  I always make the postal worker take out the plastic sleeve of pretty stamp options rather than getting a roll of 50 flag ones. So imagine my excitement when I heard about a stamp designed specifically for this year's solar eclipse! 

It's not only a beautiful design. It's interactive. Something magical happens when you press it down on the envelope. 

USPS Solar Eclipse stamp

Here's more information about the stamp which will be available on June 20th. See you in line at your nearest post office.

Meanwhile mark your calendar for August 21st for the solar eclipse.