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Quiet Beginnings Until Chinese New Year January 20 2023, 0 Comments

The pressure of January first in our culture to start the new year full of intentions and resolutions after the holiday’s excesses and busyness. Instead the Lunar New Year of Asian cultures better fits my mindset and natural rhythms. Cleaning house after the holidays to welcome a new year in late January or early February suits me to a T...

New moon blessed beginning to 2014 December 31 2013, 0 Comments

We start 2014 with a new moon. It also happens to be what they recently call a "Super Moon" meaning the moon happens to be closer to the Earth then normal. This can sometimes cause higher highs and lower low tides. This New Year's we see a very low tide at night. 

New Moon days are great times to rest and reflect on what you want and how to move with intention into the next cycle of days. What's your next best move?

With each passing day over the new two weeks, we get to enjoy a little bit more daylight and moonlight until the Full Moon on the 16th. Gather up your creativity and good intentions and spread a little light around this new year.

Happy 2014 from Moonwater. 

A perfect dark sky for the Geminid shower December 10 2012, 0 Comments

This week we have a perfect combo for meteor watching:
A new moon dark sky canvas on which to paint the colorful Geminid meteors!

For some, the Geminids is a favorite shower because these meteors have different colors and are plentiful at 50 or more per hour. Its display rates up there with the Perseids in August as the best of the year, if the moon is dark.

You can watch from late night around 10pm through to the wee hours of the morning of December 13-14th. The peak should be around 2 a.m. is when the shower’s radiant point is highest in the sky as seen around the world. 

Let's hope for a clear sky. Get your warmest sleeping bag, a thermos of hot toddy or cocoa and a comfortable lawn chair and enjoy the show with your kids or loved ones. What better legit reason to stay up late on a school night?


It's not too late to order your 2013 Moon & Meteor Shower Calendars or Night Sky Note cards.