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A walk in December to reset a frazzled mind December 13 2016, 0 Comments

It's mid-December. A time of busyness and the typical swirl of emotions that come with the holidays. And the overlay of the transition in the political arena this year adds undercurrents of uncertainty and dis-ease.  

So this week, even though you're too busy, or too tired, or too anything, take yourself outside and walk around the block. Once you're out you may wander further. Cast your gaze up and catch a shooting star and make a wish. Set an intention for one beautiful gesture. One moment of ease. One thought of a loved one or someone who needs a little extra dollop of love. Perhaps it's you.  When you return to your warm house I hope you feel refreshed and inspired. 

The Geminid meteors are doing their dance, peaking on the 12th and 13th. I love these meteors because at this time of year, there's a crystalline quality to the air. This December though, there will be a full moon lighting your way so it may be very difficult to see them. If you do, count yourself blessed. 

Happy Holidays and much love to you.

The Gift of the Geminids December 12 2015, 0 Comments

Over the next several nights our paths cross with the Geminids. We are blessed with a New Moon and a long night — perfect meteor-viewing aspects. I always hope for breaks in the clouds to see these winter meteors. 

I first saw them on a crisp cold December beach walk. Our beach walks typically amble north, to the point, which is where to look in the sky for this shower. I didn't know at the time this was one of the nights for the shower.

Surprised by a long bright shooting star that caught the corner of my eye. Was it? Look there's one. As we continued along out to the dragon and back, we saw a scant few. The exertion had warmed us enough, we decided to sit at the lookout couch just above the beach until we had seen five more.

This time with my son home from college was so treasured. Even if I became chilled, I'd not break the spell of time with him. No distractions from a wandering conversation about life and the mysteries it lays before us, while we looked up for a fleeting bit of magic in the sky.

Look there's one!

. . . . .. . . . .. . . . ...  . . . .   ...

The Geminids peak Sunday evening this year. Bundle up and find a beautiful dark place to enjoy them.

The moonwater movement & "Friluftsliv" March 13 2015, 0 Comments

The moonwater movement is about getting outside and looking up. Disconnecting from technology and engaging with nature. Taking a moment to breathe in and take note of the wonder surrounding you. Not only nature, also the people in your world.

It's as simple as putting your phone in your pocket as you walk out for lunch and noticing the impossibly varied faces of the people you pass by on the sidewalk.

Or looking up just a bit more to the embellishments on the facades of old buildings you pass every day and hadn't noticed until now.

Or taking the longer view to the horizon or sky at the end of the block.

Or in the evening tearing yourself away from the screen to simply walk around the block to enjoy the night sky, quietly attend to the different sounds of the neighborhood at night.

Or stay out even longer, with enough time to let your eyes adjust to the dark, hold still and see what animals might come back out.

Witness the wind pushing the clouds along illuminated from below by the lights of the city. Feel the hush, cool, dark of the night infuse your cells with nourishment before bed. 

Even if you live in the city or suburbs, these small moments allow you to have a small taste of "friluftsliv". A wonderful Norwegian concept that is loosely translated "fresh air life"

Finding Friluftsliv // a documentary from Charlotte Workman on Vimeo.


 I'll be writing more about this lovely Norwegian concept in future blog posts.