Back after a pause, a new calendar for 2021 November 27 2020, 0 Comments

2020 has been a transformative year in so many ways. For me it's spelled a return to my home, a completing of a transition with recognition that we can renew ourselves by tapping into what we love and value. What grounds us. Returning to the familiar doesn't have to be a step backwards, there's always possibility for reinvention.

I have always loved calendars. The promise and space they hold for renewal with each new day, the next week, next month, or new  year. 

And I'm always fascinated by the cosmos, nature and the interplay of science and art. So I'm back to it, designing a new calendar for 2021. In this year's calendar design, the color indicates the different darkness of the night sky when there's a full moon or a new moon. So viewers can more easily get an impression of how well meteor showers may show. When they're close to a full moon the ambient light of the moon reduces the contrast enough that some of the smaller lighter meteors may not be visible. There's always variety in the show year to year. But this visual indication will assist in noting which ones may be better viewed.

Finally, I'm exploring lexicon more — gathering up fun sky words. This years calendar starts with the basics like "apogee" and "perigee". I'll always try to inform and delight.