The Moon Hulahooping Around the Earth April 16 2013, 0 Comments

Yesterday the Moon was at "Apogee"– the farthest point from the earth in its monthly rotation. It has less gravitational pull at apogee so you see lower variation in the high/low tide levels and lower tides in general. The low yesterday for Seattle was 0.1 and the high was 10.5.  The opposite holds true for when it's at "Perigee" — closest to the Earth. The next perigee will be on April 27th. The low on that day will be minus – 2.6 for Seattle and the high will be + 11.9.

Our oceans are pulled this way and that in accordance with the hulahooping cycle of the moon. 

Another Sky Note: The Lyrid Meteor Showers are coming up this weekend. They'll be peaking just before dawn on Monday April 22nd. Starting today and through the week when you walk at night you may catch a shooting star!