New Moon, new beginnings — Introducing Moonwater November 13 2012, 0 Comments

New moon, new beginnings

I’ve always been passionate about natural cycles and understanding how they quietly influence our everyday lives as earth-bound, carbon-based, water-filled creatures. I love tuning in to changes in the moon and the tides, watching the ways they shift and shape the world. And I just can't help sharing my enthusiasm with others. Thus, Moonwater. 

One way I express my delight is through designing calendars that depict the lunar phases. (No calendar is complete without them in my book.)  I often include curious tidbits of all sorts about history, science, etc. Over the years I’ve taken to giving them to friends and family for the holidays. And every year, without fail, I hear the same thing “I always learn so much from your calendars! You really should market them!” So now I am.

The 2013 Moon & Meteor Monthly Calendar is the first of a series I’m developing for Moonwater. I designed this particular version as a guide to full and new moons. My hope is that it will inspire you and yours to get out and spend a little time under the night sky. Who knows? You may even catch a shooting star.