The moonwater movement & "Friluftsliv" March 13 2015, 0 Comments

The moonwater movement is about getting outside and looking up. Disconnecting from technology and engaging with nature. Taking a moment to breathe in and take note of the wonder surrounding you. Not only nature, also the people in your world.

It's as simple as putting your phone in your pocket as you walk out for lunch and noticing the impossibly varied faces of the people you pass by on the sidewalk.

Or looking up just a bit more to the embellishments on the facades of old buildings you pass every day and hadn't noticed until now.

Or taking the longer view to the horizon or sky at the end of the block.

Or in the evening tearing yourself away from the screen to simply walk around the block to enjoy the night sky, quietly attend to the different sounds of the neighborhood at night.

Or stay out even longer, with enough time to let your eyes adjust to the dark, hold still and see what animals might come back out.

Witness the wind pushing the clouds along illuminated from below by the lights of the city. Feel the hush, cool, dark of the night infuse your cells with nourishment before bed. 

Even if you live in the city or suburbs, these small moments allow you to have a small taste of "friluftsliv". A wonderful Norwegian concept that is loosely translated "fresh air life"

Finding Friluftsliv // a documentary from Charlotte Workman on Vimeo.


 I'll be writing more about this lovely Norwegian concept in future blog posts.