Taking time and back again January 01 2015, 0 Comments

Hi, it’s me Moonwater.

I’ve been away for a while.

One of those times when things come in threes. Three of our precious elders all fell and landed in the hospital between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Moonwater product development and holiday preparation stops. Attention is given then. Work is delayed for a while as we tend to those we love.

We try our best to navigate and find the right route. We know the eventual destination but it’s not our journey. It’s our elder’s journey. We’re just copilots at the ready to take over in moments of crisis or doubt that require a second well-considered opinion or difficult decision.

Having been here before, I know there is no pat answer. No roadmap really. No easy step-by-step guide. No actual timetable. That’s the confounding beauty of it. An indeterminate intermezzo, demanding that we be present while still doing the ordinary activities of living.

I am back to work now as my sweet sister-in-law and husband take the lead. I will undoubtably step out again sometime soon. Still it’s an exciting new year, cleared of some of last year’s clutter. A new canvas on which to paint and design, write and wonder.

Happy New Year.